Compatible with FAA glare guidelines

Quickly determine whether your photovoltaic solar array will generate hazardous glare. GlareGauge can analyze any site in the world in seconds!

Sample result charts displaying annual glare duration and ocular impact of each minute of glare

GlareGauge uses the Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool technology developed by Sandia National Laboratories. No other tool uses the comprehensive SGHAT algorithms for analyzing entire flight paths and discrete receptor points.

Best of all, GlareGauge (and ForgeSolar) are operated in part by Cianan Sims, who co-invented SGHAT and routinely provides technical support and assistance to users.


GlareGauge provides numerous benefits not found in any other glare tools (including Sandia's soon-to-be-retired SGHAT site). Benefits include:

  • Continuous flight paths. Analyze entire flight paths - not just scattered points - for comprehensive and accurate results.
  • Vertical reflective surfaces. Go beyond PV arrays - model glass buildings, billboards and other potential glare generators.
  • Data persistence. Save and load site configurations and results from any computer - no more re-running analyses!
  • Improved glare-check algorithms. New, updated algorithms provide repeatable, rigorous results.
  • Improved interface. Creating and organizing analyses is easier than ever with our custom interface.