Don't Let PV Glare Ruin Your Project
ForgeSolar is the Premier Toolset for evaluating photovoltaic glare

ForgeSolar tools are used throughout the world by industry, academia, and military to evaluate PV glare. Based on the R&D 100 Award-winning SGHAT technology, ForgeSolar accommodates FAA, zoning, and other regulatory requirements.

Does Glare Matter?

  • PV glare can be hazardous for pilots, motorists, and other observers
  • More and more regulatory authorities are halting PV projects due to glare
  • Anti-reflective coatings and treatments do not negate hazardous glare
  • Many aviation authorities now require glare analysis for nearby PV
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Why Use ForgeSolar?

Ensure Glare Compliance

ForgeSolar has been used to satisfy FAA and other regulatory agency policies.

Accurate Tools By National Lab

We co-invented the glare analysis methods with Sandia Laboratories and spent years improving them.

Automatic PV Optimization

Use GlaReduce to optimize your PV array design for max output and minimum glare.

Convenient Reports

Save multiple site configurations and results, export component data, and even generate aviation-specific reports.

Actual Expert Support

Need help with your site config? Have a scientific question? Communicate directly with one of the analysis inventors. We know glare so you don't have to.

Ongoing Improvements

We're working on new features including better algorithms and tools. Have an idea or feedback? We're all ears.