Become an expert in solar glare with hands-on training alongside one of the world’s leading specialists. Trainees learn the science behind solar glare and how to use leading technology to predict and mitigate the negative effects of glare from photovoltaic panels and vertical surfaces like glass buildings.

What’s Included

Trainees will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills to incorporate glare into PV array and structure design. Training is done remotely via webinar and requires 6-8 hours and a reliable internet connection. Training includes:

Hands-On Practice

Each trainee will work through multiple cases with expert guidance in real-time

The Science of Glare

Trainees will deepen their understanding of why solar glare occurs. Material includes relevant scientific theory, equations and resources.

Glare Analysis Technology

The instructor will demonstrate the full capabilities of ForgeSolar. This includes a detailed discussion of the parameters that define a glare analysis, how to interpret results, and glare mitigation strategies.

Certification Exam

Trainees will complete a rigorous final exam covering the important topics from the material. Trainees must demonstrate proficiency with glare analysis to pass the class.

Training Schedule

Training includes three two-hour classes. Classes typically take place 1-3 PM ET on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the last week of each month.

Need a custom schedule? Contact us about availability.

Training & Certification Cost

The Course Fee is $475.00 per participant. Discounts for multiple trainees are available.

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